Essays on Education and Learning

Here is a collection of links to the essays on education and learning available on this site:

  1. Teaching is Overrated. Good Teachers Don’t Teach. (2013)
  2. On Positive Behavior Support: A Critical View. (2013)
  3. Education as a “Buying” Process: Contrasting with the Conventional, “Selling” View of Education. (2014)
  4. Why Don’t We Start from Students’ Problems? (2017)

One of the main points underlying the above essays is that real learning occurs when the learner is intrinsically motivated and self-directed, not through knowledge transfer by force or conditioning [1, 2, 3, 4].  In this respect, many approaches are inherently problematic as they often depend on extrinsic motivators, such as reward/punishments and competition [2].  According to this view, teachers need to listen to the learners, protect their intrinsic motivation, and facilitate their self-directed learning processes [1, 3, 4].  The attitude of such a facilitator may be seen more as a buyer of the learners’ learning process and not the seller of his own agenda [3].  That is, the starting point of the learning process must always be the learners’ problems, interests, and lives [4].

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