Essays on Mindfulness and Meditation

Here are the links to the essays on mindfulness and meditation available on this site. Attachment and Non-Attachment: Attachment Theory and Buddhism. (2009) Right Mindfulness through Diagrams: Experimentation beyond Bare Attention. (2014) [full document at A Pothole Analogy Applied to the Peace of Mind. (2016) Concerns about McMindfulness. (2016) Unconditional Parenting and Secure Attachment. … Continue reading Essays on Mindfulness and Meditation

Living with Headaches

O. Guy Morley March 19, 2020 After more than a dozen years of hiatus, my headaches returned. But this time around, there is a big difference. I think I can now live and die with headaches. How? To explain, I need to go back to my earlier days. When I was younger, I had headaches … Continue reading Living with Headaches

Right Mindfulness through Diagrams: Experimentation beyond Bare Attention

Nobo Komagata December 30, 2015 (First written: October 22, 2014) Introduction Many of us who practice mindfulness meditation would no doubt appreciate its benefits. For example, we may be less irritated/angry, able to tolerate creepy creatures, or increasingly more comfortable with thinking about our own deaths. Each one of us must be able to … Continue reading Right Mindfulness through Diagrams: Experimentation beyond Bare Attention

Mindfulness and Flow Experience

Nobo Komagata* Sachiko Komagata+ * +Holistic Health Studies Program, Georgian Court University First written: June 24, 2010, Last revised: July 27, 2010 Both of the notions of “mindfulness” (as discussed in the Buddhist literature) and “flow” (as discussed in positive psychology) have been quite popular for some time. While some people casually use them synonymously, … Continue reading Mindfulness and Flow Experience