Essays on Mindfulness and Meditation

Here are the links to the essays on mindfulness and meditation available on this site. Attachment and Non-Attachment: Attachment Theory and Buddhism. (2009) Right Mindfulness through Diagrams: Experimentation beyond Bare Attention. (2014) [full document at A Pothole Analogy Applied to the Peace of Mind. (2016) Concerns about McMindfulness. (2016) Unconditional Parenting and Secure Attachment. … Continue reading Essays on Mindfulness and Meditation

Living with Headaches

O. Guy Morley March 19, 2020 After more than a dozen years of hiatus, my headaches returned. But this time around, there is a big difference. I think I can now live and die with headaches. How? To explain, I need to go back to my earlier days. When I was younger, I had headaches … Continue reading Living with Headaches